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ARCOM Membership

The Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM) brings together all those interested in construction management research. Its aim is to further the advancement of knowledge in all aspects of management in construction by supporting education, dissemination and research. Our lively quarterly newsletter keeps members in touch with the latest ARCOM news. The highly acclaimed annual conference brings together researchers from all over the world.

Various research workshops provide a means to develop specific subject themes as well as general research methodology. Our publications form a very useful resource for all researchers in this field.

These activities help to encourage excellence in the research of our members. Our members include research students, lecturers, professors, consultants, other practitioners and institutions. Although we are primarily a UK association, we welcome members from all over the world. It provides opportunities for contact between researchers in similar fields and between researchers and practitioners.

There are two types of memberships: individual membership and institutional membership.

Individual membership

Individual membership is open to any interested person. Individual members pay an annual membership fee (from 1st May to 30th April). There are two types of individual memberships and their associated costs are as follows:

Individuals taking out individual membership will enjoy the membership discount at ARCOM conferences which is currently £25. (Please note only paid-up members are eligible for the discount.)

To join ARCOM as an individual member, please click here to first create a MyARCOM online account, then register yourself as a member.

Institutional membership

Institutional membership relates only to Postgraduate Researchers. This enables a University Department to pay a single fee for all of its Postgraduate Researchers. The fee for institutional membership is determined by the number of Postgraduate Researchers registered in the Department concerned. The annual subscription (from 1st May to 30th April) for institutional membership payable by university departments is based on a flat band fee. The rates are as follows:

What we provide for our institutional membership includes the following:

To join ARCOM as an institutional member, please contact the Membership Secretary for full details.